Safety and Security During the Holiday Season

We care for all our partners and clients that is why we would like to share this Safety and Security During the Holiday Season.  It is shared with us by Cushman and Wakefield, the management of 4 Hutton Centre.  This is part of their meeting during the South Coast Metro Alliance Business/Police Alliance meeting with the Santa Ana Police Department.

Safety and Security During the Holiday Season

The holidays often bring an increase in crime. Please keep the following suggestions in mind, for your own security, as well as your friends and co-workers. Please post or circulate the following so that all of your employees will be well informed.


1. Keep all purses/billfolds, backpacks, laptop computers in a secure location. Lock desk drawers or lock the office when you are not in your office/suite. Keep your back doors locked at all times. Do not leave wallets in jackets or coats. Lock up personal or office cash, watch your checkbooks, credit cards and identification. Shred all documents that contain personal information such as addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc.

2. Not all delivery persons are what they claim to be. Charitable appeals may not be legitimate. You’ll see an increase over the holidays. Some of this is a “front” for crime, used as an excuse to get into your office.


3. Do not leave your office unattended. Lock your door even if you are momentarily absent. Thieves cruise this time of the year. They will steal anything!

4. Be alert for strangers in your buildings and parking areas, especially during those vulnerable hours: 30 minutes before work, lunch hour and 30 minutes after closing. Thieves look for cover during “people moving” hours.


5. Do not leave those nice gifts out. Lock them in your desk or keep your eye on them at all times until you take them home.

6. Make sure that gifts and shopping bags are stored in the trunk of your vehicle where they are not visible to a potential thief. This will also make your car less likely to be vandalized.

We are hoping that this simple article can help you in being alert for any potential security problems during this high crime season and all year long.

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