Rent or Buy a Home?

rent or buy a home

Maybe you already know what’s right for you, or maybe you’re trying to figure out the best option—either way, the more educated you are, the better informed you’ll be.  Buying or renting a home all depends on your current situation and what your needs are.  In this article, we will share something we learned from FHA and try to answer whether it is better to rent or buy a home.

When is Renting a Home an Option for you?

One of the most common reasons why renting would be best suited for you is when you always move around and do not usually stay in a location.  If you are single and your works involve being mobile then rent a home.

If you also do not have funds for a down payment and for closing costs then this is the best option for you.  Owning a home also involves potential maintenance costs like repairs, lawn care, and others.  If you are not yet ready for those expenses then rent.

Saving for the future can be another reason why renting a home is the option for you.  Buying a new home involves a lot of commitment and major cash outlay which can prevent you from saving more.

When is Buying a Home an Option for you?

If you are that person who just got married or has a family and want to stay in one location then the best option would be to buy a home.  For people who want to invest and build equity over a long term then one of the best investments is in real estate.  Choose the right location, the right home and you are all set to a good investment.

Buying a home can also be an option for you:

  • Have funds for a down payment and closing costs
  • Want the potential tax advantages (check with a tax advisor for details)
  • Can afford the maintenance costs of owning (repairs, lawn care, etc.)

What’s the difference if you Rent or Buy A Home?

If you think that renting is more economical than the other or the other way around then think again.  The way of looking at these two really depends on your situation.  Both of them involves various costs and consideration. Buying a home involves a lot of initial investment and involves your long-term commitment.  On the other hand, renting requires you to pay the monthly or annual rent.

In the long run, however, buying a home reaps tons of rewards and benefits.  Your own home provides you with security and a long-lasting investment.  It is also safer and more convenient for you and people that will be living with you. Always be sure however to maintain your home and do regular inspection and repair so that it will stay in a good condition always.

In conclusion, it does not matter whether you rent or buy a home.  In the end, it will ultimately depend on your current and long-term needs.

We always suggest the more convenient decision for the long term which is to buy a home.  There is an added convenience since we also help homebuyers get to the best lenders in over 40 states.  Each of them offers assistance and loan products which will suit your various needs.

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