Now is the Best Time to Buy a Home

now is the best time to buy a home

We had been seeing forecasts of an impending recession in the United States and it seems some facts and charts are indeed pointing to that trend.  However, we can also say that this is less likely to occur in the near future and that is thanks to past experiences.  What we know is that now is definitely the best time to buy a home.  Why?  Well, here are some of the reasons.

Home Prices are Increasing

Home prices are steadily increasing.  This means that in the next 2-5 years the prices of homes today could be twice as much.  Putting it into an investment perspective, it tells you that if you buy a home now you can save a lot of money than buying later on.  It also puts you in a good position since your home will definitely appreciate in value.

Interest Rates are Increasing

Although the current interests rates are comparatively at an all-time low, they are steadily increasing.  Closing a home loan now means that you can save a lot from interests compare to postponing it for later.  It will not make a lot of sense for you or anyone to keep on waiting for a better opportunity or housing deal because, to be honest, the best deals are now available.  Interests rates are seen to continue rising in the next 5 years does the perks that come with a lower interest rate is now.

Better Choices of Home Loans and Mortgages

Before big changes in the mortgage industry happens, you should make your move and get a home loan.  The scenario of future laws and other policies might affect future home loans and mortgages and it will also affect you.  While the scenario is steady and calm, you should take the most of it and avail of a better choice for home loan and mortgages.  We can definitely link you to our partners to get the best deal, just send us a message.

This year is definitely the best time to buy a home.

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