Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) Prevention and Tips

The Novel Corona Virus is surely affecting almost everyone in the United States even those who are not sick.  The mortgage industry starts to feel its effects when mortgage rates start to get lower last week. We would like to ask everyone to really keep safe, be vigilant and always maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Novel Corona Virus?

“People are real, they’re raw, and sometimes people are pretty confused and frustrated about how this outbreak is happening in their communities,” says CDC Ebola outbreak responder Christine Prue. Christine is part of CDC’s Social and Behavioral Sciences group, which plays an important role in the DRC Ebola response by listening to the opinions of DRC locals and making changes to support the needs of those affected by the disease.

According to the CDC, “It’s likely that more U.S. cases of 2019-nCoV will be reported in the coming days and weeks as CDC and public health partners are on the look-out for these cases. ”

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But, what is the Novel Corona Virus?  Here is a graphic representation to let you better understand it.

2019-nCoV Novel Corona Virus

How do I protect myself from the Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV)?

We would like to share as well some vital information on how you can protect yourself from the Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV).

Here are some graphics which highlight 2019-nCoV and 5 ways to protect yourself.

COVID-19 Updates and Real-time Information

Here are more updated information about COVID-19.


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