LO Socialbot, A Recommended Tool for Mortgage Loan Originators

LO Socialbot, A Recommended Tool for Loan Originators

Social media is nonetheless one of the best mediums to connect to potential homebuyers and clients.  The problem is, how can Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) maximize the use of social media while doing various tasks of his job?  This is how we discover a simple tool which can help MLOs in their social media campaigns – LO SOCIALBOT.

What is LO Socialbot?

LO Socialbot is a social media marketing tool for busy Mortgage Loan Originators – MLO’s.  Through this, it is possible to get referrals from social media without annoying your friends and followers.  Yes, that is indeed possible.

What’s great about LO Socialbot is it will give you a unique website online which you can either update manually or publish automatically.  These updates cover the latest in real estate, mortgage, and market trends.  It will allow you to provide useful content and news to the public, particularly to homebuyers.

If a page visitor, sees a piece of news or update that he sees is relevant to the decision of getting a home loan then he can contact you and ask for assistance to make that decision possible.  LO Socialbot is a handy tool that also allows you to automatically share your posts across various social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Why Should Mortgage Loan Originators use LO Socialbot?

Custom branded mortgage and real estate videos.  Powered by VidMagic, LO SocialBot serves up loan officer branded videos for social media postings and advertising. The MLO can customize the video in just a few clicks.

Custom branded loan officer blog that updates as you post.  LO SocialBot’s content is posted on the loan officers branded auto-blog. You can change the look and feel of your blog in just a couple of clicks.

Posting Scheduler.  Schedule your postings once and LO SocialBot will do the rest. Set the schedule once, and LO SocialBot will post branded news posts every day based on the frequency and the schedule you choose.

Robust Content Library. LO SocialBot’s content library contains posts that are targeted at groups like referral partners, investors, and first-time homebuyers. The posts solicit an emotional appeal to pull visitors into action.

Useful Lead Generation.  Lead Pages is a must-have for loan officers interested in generating leads online with little effort and by delivering a true giving sale.

Personally branded ebooks that promote action.  LO SocialBot provides ebooks entirely branded to the loan officer and company. Give your visitors quality content that offers tremendous value and further shows that you’re in business and you know what you’re doing.

Why are we recommending LO Socialbot?

We are writing and sharing this article because we are a witness to how efficient LO Socialbot is plus we are offering you something that you cannot refuse.

As a way of helping Mortgage Loan Originators, we have a discount code which will give you a LIFETIME DISCOUNT. This will be in effect after your $1 30-Day Trial.  We are not earning anything from this discount, it is just a simple suggestion of a tool that can help you utilize social media and improve leads.

How do I get the LO Socialbot Discount?

LO Socialbot - Social Media Tool for Mortgage Loan Originators

If you want to get the LIFETIME DISCOUNT, all you have to do is go to HMAC Facebook Page.  Then, like the page and send us a message that you want to avail of the Discount code.  After that, we will be happy to give it to you.

LO Socialbot is an amazing tool to have and we are sure it can help you in many ways.

To know more about this Social Media Marketing tool for Loan Officers and Mortgage Loan Originators visit their website at https://www.losocialbot.com/.

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