Featured Partner: Hillock Mortgage Group

Hillock Mortgage Group

Partners of Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC), NMLS #1165808 is growing.  We now have licenses across 44 US states and soon to be nationwide.  Let us present one of our active partners, Hillock Mortgage Group (Branch NMLS ID #1718346), located at 8211 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL.  Alex Pinder, an active and customer oriented manager, heads this particular branch.

Hillock Mortgage Group – More than 10 years of lending experience

The branch main mission is to be the preferred mortgage provider with high-quality services focused on building trust. They want to excel in delighting our customers with our value-added services.  Focusing on understanding the importance of a house to every American, Hillock MOrtgage Group pride themselves in providing what matters the most to home buyers like you – care and competent professional guidance.

More than 35% of home buyers in 2016 were first-time buyers! Since the new home is a big investment and is usually for the long haul, first-time-right decisions at the right time with respect to finances is critical.  With more than a decade of professional expertise in guiding new home buyers in terms of financing or in refinancing, Hillock Mortgage Group is adept at finding solutions to all your mortgaging related concerns.

Hillock Mortgage Group

Competitive Home Loan Offerings

Hillock Mortgage Group offers a mortgage process that is quick and hassle-free, they offer competent services with the following key advantages:

FLEXIBLE OFFERINGS.  No prepayment penalties. Custom rates for loan terms between eight and thirty years. Also available are USDA, VA and FHA loans.

CUSTOMER ORIENTED. Low minimum credit score. Assistance with refinancing. No upfront fees. Easy online uploading of supporting documents, rate quotation, and loan tracking system.

PROFESSIONAL. Professional, yet caring mortgage advisors who provide the valuable human touch as well as personalized guidance

QUICK & EASY. Quick Loans with an easy online application with completion in just minutes. It also features instant verification of income and employment

For more information about Hillock Mortgage Group please visit their website at

Interested to be a Partner of Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation?

If you want to be a partner of Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC), NMLS #1165808, you can contact us through the following:

  • Phone Number: 800-900-7040
  • Cell:  310-980-1757
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Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC) NMLS #1165808 also referred to as HomeMAC is now recognized in 44 states in the United States (Click to view our licenses). Also, the company is steadily reaching its goals to provide much-needed support for loan originators through a genuine partnership agreement.

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