Fannie Mae Introduces Enhanced Resident Services

Fannie Mae Enhanced Resident Services

Fannie Mae  (FNMA/OTC)  announced that they are introducing an enhancement to their Healthy Housing Rewards Initiative.  This financial incentive dubbed as Enhanced Resident Services is a financial incentive offered to affordable multifamily borrowers.  It also aims to improve tenant’s health and well being.

Introducing Fannie Mae Enhanced Resident Services

Enhanced Resident Services is a new product enhancement aims to encourage multifamily borrowers to provide resident services that improve the health and well being of tenants in affordable housing.  The incentive will provide a lower borrowing rate which aims to foster that addresses the needs of renters including the following:

  • health and wellness programs
  • daycare
  • food access
  • youth and education programming
  • job training

This will be the next stage for Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™ initiative.  Sustainable communities will be the end goal of this project which also targets availability of more affordable housing.  It encourages affordable multifamily borrowers to implement healthy design features and resident services that improve the health and stability of residents.

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